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Antimicrobial Stewardship

Preserving the Power of Antibiotics: Understanding the Impact of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs

Learn how antimicrobial stewardship programs are a key approach to promoting responsible and appropriate antibiotic use.


Saving Lives, Reducing Dependency: The Power of Opioid Stewardship Programs

In the fight against opioid misuse and overdose, opioid stewardship programs have emerged as powerful tools, offering a path to saving lives and reducing dependency.


Beyond Checklists: How Patient Safety Software is Transforming Healthcare Practices

Empower your organization to provide the highest standards of care and safety.


How New Technology Is Making Clinical Trial Enrollment Easier for Hospitals and Trial Sites

Learn key benefits to using technology in clinical trial patient recruitment.


VigiLanz Research – A New, Automated Approach to Patient Identification for Clinical Trials

Introducing VigiLanz Research, a patient identification solution developed by clinicians that quickly and accurately identifies more eligible candidates for clinical studies in near real time.


The Benefits of Efficient Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

By integrating with live data inside a hospital’s EHR, VigiLanz Research streamlines patient recruitment strategies for clinical research by ensuring that research teams spend less time searching for qualified candidates and more time screening those who do.


Why Relying on Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research May Be Hindering Your Hospital

New technology automatically filters through EHRs in real time to locate all eligible candidates within the healthcare system. Coordinators of clinical trials become unencumbered by manual searches, which supports the speed in which qualified patients can be reviewed and enrolled.


Beyond the EMR: New Technology That Supports Clinical Research and Trial Enrollment

Good news! New technology can help change this dynamic, making it easier and faster for hospitals to identify eligible clinical trial patients.


Clinical Trial Enrollment: How Hospitals Can Overcome 3 Big Challenges

Why is clinical trial enrollment so tough? Here we break down the top three challenges, and explore how clinical trial sites can overcome them.


Three Ways VigiLanz Supports Clinical Trial Recruitment

Explore three of the top benefits hospitals are experiencing as a result of implementing VigiLanz Research.


Choosing a Healthcare Software Solution

It is important when hospitals are seeking out a healthcare software solutions that they choose one that can deliver on the promise healthcare software solutions can bring, and not one that will increase workloads for hospital staff.

Healthcare Leadership

How VigiLanz Applies Healthcare Business Intelligence to Increase Efficiency and Optimize Outcomes

VigiLanz, an award-winning provider of clinical surveillance, safety, quality, and risk solutions, employs healthcare business intelligence throughout its platform to deliver meaningful insights that boost efficiency and elevate outcomes for all areas of care.

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