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The Benefits of Efficient Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

At VigiLanz, we understand the importance of clinical research. Supporting hospital teams with the tools they need to connect real people with opportunities for life-changing treatments is central to our company mission – and that’s why we’ve recently developed a real-time patient identification software solution designed to help research teams quickly and efficiently find the most qualified candidates for clinical trials.

By integrating with live data inside a hospital’s EHR, VigiLanz Research streamlines patient recruitment strategies for clinical research by ensuring that research teams spend less time searching for qualified candidates and more time screening those who do. Thanks to the software’s customizable rules engine that searches the EHR for qualified candidates 24/7, clinical teams can rest assured that every eligible candidate within their system will be accurately identified.

VigiLanz Research’s real-time patient identification abilities can significantly accelerate the clinical trial recruitment phase for a trial site. This is because the software reduces the need for costly and labor-intensive manual search processes. The benefits of rapid patient identification are significant: faster clinical trial enrollment means an increased likelihood of clinical trial success, which ultimately can get life-changing products to market faster while reducing costs for sponsors. More importantly, it helps people gain access to potentially life-saving treatments that could help them live longer, healthier lives.

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