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Maximize The Power of VigiLanz With Our Healthcare Management Solutions

Reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, and streamline workflows.

What is a Healthcare Management Solution?

These focused applications can be used alone or as an enhancement to other core VigiLanz products. Designed to automate repetitive tasks, simplify administrative processes, and improve overall productivity, our healthcare management solutions help you focus more on patient well-being and less on bureaucratic hurdles. Whether you are a small clinic, a large hospital, or anything in between, our solutions can help your teams make a difference in patient care.

Healthcare Management Solutions
for Patient Safety & Quality

Quality Management – Behavioral Health Core Measures

Improve psychiatric care with our comprehensive tool designed for restraint management and medication use.
The VigiLanz Behavioral Health Core Measures solution assists with TJC HIBPS core measures, the management of restraints, medication use in psychiatric settings, and improvement initiatives in this area.

Patient Acuity Management

Monitor patient acuity changes in real-time, ensuring timely care adjustments with our advanced alert system.
The VigiLanz Patient Acuity Management solution provides real-time alerts around changes in patient acuity that indicate a need for a transfer to a higher or lower level of care, includes Modified Early Warning System (MEWS) real-time dashboard.

Admission Management

Streamline high-profile admissions and readmissions with our alerting and population analysis tool.
The VigiLanz Admissions Management solution enables clients to alert for high profile admissions on presentation, manage and improve on readmissions, and understand populations related to admission/readmission.

Restraint Review

Promote patient safety by reviewing and identifying alternatives to restraints with our comprehensive analysis system.
The VigiLanz Restraint Review solution assists the client with identification of restraint patients. Helps hospital collect data and review the circumstances that led up to restraint and helps the hospital identify alternatives to the use of restraints in patients.

Mortality Review

Prevent future patient deaths with our system designed for in-depth mortality data collection, review, and trend analysis.
The VigiLanz Mortality Review solution can assist with the identification of mortality patients. Helps hospital collect data and review the circumstances of an individual death to explore root causes and identify interventions to prevent future deaths. Provides ongoing monitoring and data analysis to identify trends and/or patterns and then make recommendations to promote the health, safety and well-being of patients.

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