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Healthcare Management Solution: VigiLanz NINJA to Prevent Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Easily monitor patients that meet the NINJA protocol and improve AKI management in real-time.

How We Help You

Proactively Prevent AKI in Pediatric Patients

Developed in collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s, our Nephrotoxic Injury Negated by Just-in-time Action (NINJA) solution enables real-time identification and monitoring of pediatric patients at risk for AKI from exposure to nephrotoxic drugs.

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Find at-risk patients in real time.

Our system will automatically identify patients at risk for AKI based on drug administrations – helping you monitor for the earliest possible intervention opportunities.

Improve pharmacy workflow solutions.

Integrate seamlessly with our pharmacy surveillance software for a streamlined and efficient user experience.

Generate customizable reports and analytics.

Automatic and customizable data extraction is available for all metric elements including inpatient census by location or service line.

Receive unparalleled support.

Consider your dedicated VigiLanz clinician an extension of your team.

What is a Healthcare Management Solution?

These focused applications can be used alone or as enhancements to other VigiLanz products.

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How It Works

A Platform You Can Trust

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians depend on our dynamic clinical surveillance and patient safety software to work proactively, respond efficiently, and improve patient care for those who need it most.

By converting live data inside your EHR into actionable alerts and meaningful insights in real time, we can help you minimize harm, improve safety, and protect your bottom line.

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More Insights, Better Results

Maximize The Power of VigiLanz

Our pediatric NINJA program for AKI prevention can make a big difference at your institution – but they are even more powerful when used in partnership with other VigiLanz solutions.

Explore these related offerings and see how VigiLanz products can work together to help you provide the highest quality healthcare.

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Learn more about how our pediatric NINJA program for AKI prevention can help you save lives.

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