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VigiLanz Vaccinate

Rapidly deploy and manage your hospital’s vaccination events, reduce vaccine waste, and automate data collection for CDC and state reporting.

Streamline Staff Vaccinations

VigiLanz Vaccinate is a real-time web-based plug-and-play software providing end-to-end management of your hospital’s entire vaccination process, supporting mass vaccination events while managing organizational risk.

Simplify registration.

Enable healthcare workers to easily register and provide consent.

Automate workflows.

Eliminate manual data entry for program administrators.

Leverage real-time insights.

Gain visibility into vaccination and immunity rates at the individual, department, hospital, and enterprise levels.

Automate data collection.

Easily gather data for CDC and state reporting, including for adverse side effects.

Reduce vaccine waste.

Get timely insight into volume needs based on scheduling and demand.

Receive unparalleled support.

Consider your dedicated VigiLanz clinician an extension of your team.

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Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians depend on our dynamic clinical surveillance and patient safety software to improve patient care.

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