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Protect Your Patients with Safety Software That Doesn’t Compromise on Quality

Prevent harm and reduce risk with our comprehensive solutions. 

Our Value

Take Patient Safety and Quality Management To The Next Level

Because the health of your hospital depends on it.

Inefficiencies in safety event reporting and management can lead not only to staff frustration and burnout, but to preventable adverse events.

Our innovative patient safety software makes identifying, managing, and analyzing safety events quick and easy – which supports your teams and protects your patients.

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Hear From The Experts

Understanding the Cost of Harm

Many healthcare organizations are underestimating the financial impact of adverse drug events, preventable errors, and hospital acquired infections, says Dr. David Westfall Bates, principal investigator of the landmark SafeCare study. Watch this short interview to hear his thoughts on the steps clinical leaders can take now to improve care and the bottom line.

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Learn How You Can Save More Lives

Get your questions answered by clinical experts who have helped improve the health of hundreds of hospitals.

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Our Capabilities

Focus On Your Patients

Our patient safety and quality management software can do the rest.

When your safety event reporting solution has limits, you’re exposed to preventable mistakes that can compromise the health of your patients and your hospital. 

Our platform can close these gaps with comprehensive solutions that can keep up with the demands of your entire organization. 


Time capturing and managing safety events.


And capture events that may be missed by manual reporting.


Safety events as they occur with customizable event notifications and alerts.


Safety events across the entire enterprise with dashboards and report generation tools.


Comprehensive analysis tools to assist in pinpointing the cause of safety events.


The entire lifecycle of safety events, from reporting to remediation and measurement.


Real-time insights to monitor for trends and launch patient safety improvement initiatives.

More Insights, Better Results

Patient Safety Plus Clinical Surveillance

Equals healthier hospitals.

Thousands of clinicians depend on VigiLanz to help them take the health of their hospital to the next level.

We deliver that by providing solutions that streamline their workflows and support a high level of patient care.

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Our Training

Peer-to-Peer Support That Doesn’t End

At VigiLanz, you’ll have on-demand access to a team of clinical experts to ensure your goals are reached and your patients are cared for. 

Part of that support includes VigiLanz University, a training platform that provides basic training, skill-building, and continuing education.

Current customers can access VigiLanz University from the Help menu inside the VigiLanz platform.

It’s Time to Invest in Safer Care

With our patient safety and quality management experts at your side.

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