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Find Eligible Candidates for Clinical Trials in Near-Real Time

Speed up the recruitment process with our clinical trial solution.

How We Help You

A Faster, Easier Way to Recruit Eligible Patients

Recruiting eligible patients can be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of running a clinical trial. In fact, trials can be delayed or even closed if enrollment goals are not met in a timely manner.

Our clinical trial solution solves this by helping researchers recruit with speed and confidence. The software identifies eligible patients in near real-time, regardless of how complex or time-sensitive your study design – making enrollment faster, easier, and more successful.

See VigiLanz Clinical Trial Solution in Action

Identify patients 24/7.

Get an automatic alert any time an eligible match is located within a hospital network – not just during work hours.

Ensure no candidates are missed.

Rest assured that our study-specific sets of inclusion and exclusion criteria will identify every eligible patient who walks in the door.

Stay organized.

Track eligibility status, run timely reports to evaluate study performance, and manage the recruitment process in customized worklists.

Free up research staff for higher-value clinical work.

Less time spent manually searching for patients means more time to focus on screening, enrolling, and caring for qualified study candidates.

Improve the likelihood of clinical trial success.

Faster recruitment not only saves time and money – it connects life-changing treatments with those who need it most.

Leverage the deep experience of our clinical experts.

VigiLanz has been improving clinical outcomes for more than 20 years and our expert team is here to support you.

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Revolutionize Recruitment For Your Next Clinical Trial

By empowering researchers to screen more qualified candidates, our clinical trials solution speeds up the recruitment process. For hospitals, this increases the likelihood for trial success, and for sponsors, this potentially saves millions of dollars and helps get products to market faster.

Leverage Your Data With Clinical Experts At Your Side

Learn how our clinical trial solutions can help you identify the right patients for your next study.

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How It Works

The VigiLanz Difference

By integrating with live data in your hospital’s EHR, VigiLanz leverages intelligent rule sets to review all patients against your study protocol and provide automatic, accurate, and timely identification of eligible candidates for your clinical trials.

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“VigiLanz has also enabled our small staff of clinical research coordinators to feel confident that they have not missed a single qualified potential research participant.”

DeAnn Cary, PhD, Director of Research at Sharp HealthCare

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