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Enhancing Patient Safety with Automated Event Detection: A Hospital’s Guide

The landscape of patient safety in the United States is a mix of progress and challenges, with study after study underscoring the persistence of adverse events and medical errors in hospitals. Prioritizing patient safety is increasingly vital for health system leaders, and effective reporting systems play a crucial role in managing safety events as well as in understanding the root causes of harm.

While most hospitals rely on voluntary reporting to capture errors and near misses, VigiLanz revolutionizes safety event reporting by leveraging health system data to automatically identify incidents that may otherwise have been missed. This is called autodetection, and it can significantly improve event reporting accuracy while empowering clinical teams to provide the highest level of care.

Download now to discover the key benefits of autodetection, including:

  • How autodetection can help overcome common event reporting barriers
  • The capabilities hospitals should look for when evaluating safety event reporting systems
  • How one innovative health system is using autodetection to enhance patient safety