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Streamline Your Claims Management System

Decrease legal exposure while streamlining workflows for superior control over claims and litigation events.

How We Help You

Reduce Risk with VigiLanz

Our claims management software empowers your organization to decrease enterprise legal claims and damages paid, and streamline workflows throughout the entire lifecycle of claims and litigation events.

Leverage real-time insights.

Monitor for risk and detect events early to inform risk reduction strategies and faster interventions.

Analyze your entire claims universe.

Easily view, track, and report claims and events across your facility, division, and enterprise.

Get ahead of potential claims.

Proactively identify potential claims with real-time safety event detection.

Save time.

Simplify workflows and increase accuracy with auto-populated forms and automatic notifications, status alerts, and email delivery.

Improve communication.

Share trends with safety, quality, and compliance teams to prevent future incidents.

Receive unparalleled support.

Consider your dedicated VigiLanz clinician an extension of your team.

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A Platform You Can Trust

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians depend on our clinical surveillance platform to provide the highest quality patient care.

By converting live data inside your EHR into actionable alerts and meaningful insights in real time, we can help you minimize harm, increase safety, and improve your bottom line.

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More Insights, Better Results

Maximize The Power of VigiLanz

Our claims management software is effective at helping your institution stay one step ahead – but it is even more powerful when used in partnership with other VigiLanz solutions.

Explore these related offerings to see how VigiLanz products work together to prevent harm and improve outcomes.

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