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The Leading Clinical Surveillance Platform

We’re ready to help you identify gaps, streamline operations, and improve patient care.

Meet the VigiLanz Platform

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Fill in the gaps with a clinical surveillance platform you can trust.

Since 2001, our clinical surveillance platform has helped hundreds of hospitals dig deeper into their data to streamline their operations and optimize patient safety. 

The result? Millions of dollars saved, more effective workflows, and improved health of thousands of patients. 

Our Solutions

Strengthening EMRs With Solutions That Drive Action

The quicker you get your hands on valuable insights, the more empowered you feel to implement changes that make a positive impact in your hospital. 

With a plug-in solution that amplifies your EMR, our clinical surveillance platform creates a seamless, real-time data flow that supports business growth and patient safety.

How It Works

Unify Your Data To Create Healthier Outcomes

Our goal is to create a clinical partnership you can depend on.

The implementation process, integration, and support system we’ve built helps you optimize data, rules, reports, analytics, and care for your patients as fast as possible.

Rapid Implementation

Supported by an IT team, our implementation process is ensures:

  • Unparalleled assistance
  • Flexibility and scalability 
  • Safety and security
  • Minimal involvement and time required from your IT organization

Seamless Integration

VigiLanz Connect delivers standardized, interchangeable APIs for seamless integration with benefits that include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced clinical efficiencies 
  • Whole-hospital view

Unparalleled Support

You can count on the expertise of our clinicians to guide you in the right direction with support that includes:

  • Help-desk assistance
  • On-demand training
  • Clinical project support

VigiLanz Pharmacy Surveillance has been phenomenal. We are able to do a lot more with VigiLanz Pharmacy Surveillance than we could with just the EHR. The solution is easy for the end users. It requires almost no training at all.

Manager, June 2022,

What You Get

A Customizable Suite of Data-Driven Solutions

Our user-friendly software gives you a robust support system that separates your commitment from others. 

  • Powerful Integration: We work with your EMR to collect data and perform healthcare analytics.
  • Robust Rules Library: Our clinical team will help you modify and create new rules as your needs and challenges change. 
  • Reports & Analytics: We provide readily adaptable alerts, reports, and tools tailored to the demands of multi-hospital systems. 
  • Peer-to-Peer Support: You’ll work directly with clinical experts who have 10+ years of experience in the field.

How Hard Is Your Data Working For You?

Let us show you how our platform can help your teams elevate patient care.

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