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Healthcare Management Solution: Glucose Management

Ensure efficient glycemic control with our integrated platform.

How We Help You

Optimize Your Pharmacy Workflows

Designed to support nurses, pharmacists, and diabetic educators, VigiLanz can provide effective detection, management, and guidance for addressing glycemic events – and getting them under control quickly.

Identify cases in real time.

Get alerts anytime a hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic event is detected.

Proactively recognize triggers.

Our software will learn the signs, symptoms, and precipitating factors of glycemic events.

Reduce adverse events.

Improve patient outcomes with fewer patients experiencing adverse events related to low blood sugar.

Focus on patient-centered care.

Facilitate management of glucose targets, insulin therapies, diabetes, and nutritional requirements.

Drive continuous improvement.

Use our always-current metrics and reports to understand root causes and improve patient care.

What is a Healthcare Management Solution?

These focused applications can be used alone or as enhancements to other VigiLanz products.

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How It Works

A Platform You Can Trust

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians depend on our clinical surveillance and patient safety software to provide the highest quality patient care.

By converting live data inside your EHR into actionable alerts and meaningful insights in real time, we can help you minimize harm, improve safety, and protect your bottom line.

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More Insights, Better Results

Maximize the Power of VigiLanz

Our glucose management software is effective at improving patient care – but it is even more powerful when used in partnership with other VigiLanz solutions.

Explore these related offerings and see how VigiLanz products work together to help you provide the highest quality healthcare.

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