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Healthcare Management Solution: Opioid Stewardship 

Prevent opioid-related adverse events with our comprehensive monitoring and analysis tools.

How We Help You

Reach the Next Level of Opioid Management

You’re on the front lines of the opioid crisis, and we’ve got your back. Focus on safe and appropriate prescribing with opioid stewardship software designed to help pharmacists prevent adverse events, track an institution’s usage of opioids, and implement effective preventive strategies.

Detect opioid adversities in real time.

Our comprehensive monitoring and analysis tools help you identify medication safety issues in near real time, including high-risk opioid and duplicate therapies.

Promote safer usage.

Calculate morphine milligram equivalents (MME) for more accurate tracking and monitoring for overdose intervention.

See the full picture.

Get comprehensive reports to analyze usage and prescribing patterns, outcomes, pain responses, trends in reversal agent utilization, and adherence to pain management protocols.

Receive unparalleled support.

Consider your dedicated VigiLanz clinician an extension of your team.

What is a Healthcare Management Solution?

These focused applications can be used alone or as enhancements to other VigiLanz products.

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How It Works

A Platform You Can Trust

When your clinical and business data work together, healthier outcomes are possible.

VigiLanz converts live data inside your EHR into actionable alerts and meaningful insights in real time – helping you prevent harm, improve safety, streamline workflows, and protect your bottom line.

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More Insights, Better Results

Maximize The Power of VigiLanz

Our medication management software is effective at improving patient care – but it is even more powerful when used in partnership with other VigiLanz solutions.

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Contact us to see how our opioid stewardship software can help improve medication safety.

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