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Healthcare Management Solution: Sepsis Management

Leverage a full suite of tools focused on identifying, managing, and preventing sepsis.

How We Help You

Identify Sooner, Respond Faster

When it comes to caring for septic patients, every second counts – early detection and timely antibiotic administration are critical for treating severe sepsis and preventing septic shock.

Our sepsis management suite was built to help you identify, manage, and even predict sepsis cases. With over 150 sepsis-focused rules available, VigiLanz can help you act fast and ultimately save lives.

Identify sepsis cases in real time.

Receive timely alerts for the most effective response and care.

Save time with automatic data completion.

Our software provides pre-populated core measures fields and automated real-time measure completion.

Conduct extensive case analyses.

Use our always-current metrics and reports to understand root causes and improve patient care.

What is a Healthcare Management Solution?

These focused applications can be used alone or as enhancements to other VigiLanz products.

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How It Works

A Platform You Can Trust

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians depend on our clinical surveillance and patient safety software to provide the highest quality patient care.

By converting live data inside your EHR into actionable alerts and meaningful insights in real time, we can help you minimize harm, increase safety, and improve your bottom line.

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More Insights, Better Results

Maximize The Power of VigiLanz

Our sepsis management tools are effective at improving patient care – but they are even more powerful when used in partnership with other VigiLanz solutions.

Explore these related offerings to see how VigiLanz products work together to prevent harm and improve outcomes.

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Learn more about how our sepsis management software can optimize patient care.

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