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Three Ways VigiLanz Supports Clinical Trial Recruitment

Finding the right candidates for clinical trial enrollment can be challenging. For many researchers, this process involves manually searching through electronic health records for patients that meet complex sets of inclusion and exclusion criteria. This can quickly become a labor intensive and tedious task, and can make it difficult for researchers to meet time-sensitive enrollment windows.

The good news is that VigiLanz Research speeds up this process. The technology integrates with live data inside a hospital’s EHR and applies intelligent rule sets – tailored specifically to a clinical trial’s unique protocols – to automatically search the hospital’s entire network and alert researchers whenever an eligible candidate is identified.

Here are three of the top benefits hospitals are experiencing as a result of implementing this technology:

Benefit 1: Accelerate patient recruitment

VigiLanz Research makes finding patients for clinical trials in real time possible. Manual reviews only happen during work hours, but VigiLanz searches for qualified candidates 24/7. Once patients are identified, researchers can easily manage their eligibility status in a customizable worklist.

Benefit 2: Maximize the research team’s time

With less time needed for manual searches, researchers can focus on screening and enrolling more qualified candidates. This translates to significant time savings and frees up the team to focus on other high-value tasks, including the capacity to potentially participate in additional trials.

Benefit 3: Improve the likelihood of trial success

By screening all patients across every department in real time, VigiLanz Research helps ensure that every eligible patient who walks into the hospital is identified.This makes it easier for research teams to meet recruitment targets and time-sensitive enrollment windows.

See VigiLanz Research in action

Efficient patient recruitment for clinical trials has never been easier. Want to know more? Check out our recent case study with Sharp Grossmont Hospital to learn how they are using VigiLanz Research to streamline the recruitment process.