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How New Technology Is Making Clinical Trial Enrollment Easier for Hospitals and Trial Sites

One of the biggest challenges hospitals and other clinical trial sites face is clinical trial enrollment. New technology, however, is changing that.

This technology facilitates efficient patient recruitment in clinical trials by identifying potential participants in real time.

How does it work? The technology integrates with a hospital’s EHR and continuously monitors the patient data within it to automatically identify trial-eligible patients using intelligent rule sets built from study-specific inclusion and exclusion criteria.

In addition to making it easier to identify and enroll patients in clinical trials, this technology improves staff satisfaction and efficiency by relieving research coordinators from manually searching through patient records to find potential participants that meet the study’s requirements.

This had a big impact on the research team at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, who began using VigiLanz Research in 2020. Because the technology automatically sends alerts whenever an eligible patient is located within the system, the Sharp team was able to spend 50% less time screening patients and reallocate that time to other high-value initiatives.

Two Other Key Benefits of Efficient Patient Recruitment Technology

  1. Optimal decision-making. The technology facilitates optimal decision-making regarding clinical trial participation for hospitals and other clinical trial sites. For example, the technology provides customized reports that offer a holistic view into real-time trial participation performance. These reports and insights can also help hospitals determine, based on their patient populations, if they should participate in additional clinical trials.
  2. Increased likelihood of successful trial completion. The technology enables hospitals and clinical trial sites to identify and enroll patients in clinical trials much more quickly, which increases the likelihood that the site will enroll enough patients to successfully complete the clinical trial. Trial enrollment rules are often time sensitive, such as requiring that a patient be enrolled quickly within a certain time period after a care episode – and real-time patient identification can help ensure that these windows are not missed.

The race to enroll patients in clinical trials requires a solution like VigiLanz Research to help researchers identify eligible patients as quickly as possible. If you want to learn more about how VigiLanz can help achieve more efficient clinical trial patient enrollment, contact us today.