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How VigiLanz Applies Healthcare Business Intelligence to Increase Efficiency and Optimize Outcomes

Business intelligence represents the collection and analysis of data to enable organizations to make strategic decisions, enhance processes, and minimize inefficiencies. Healthcare business intelligence, when applied to the massive amount of medical records, insurance claims, and billing information found in every hospital, enables systems to improve administrative operations and reduce unnecessary costs.

VigiLanz, an award-winning provider of clinical surveillance, safety, quality, and risk solutions, employs healthcare business intelligence throughout its platform to deliver meaningful insights that boost efficiency and elevate outcomes for all areas of care.

Here are a few of our solutions that deploy healthcare business intelligence:

Audit: Streamline the full audit lifecycle and help create and maintain an efficient, repeatable audit process, so hospitals can effectively evaluate improvement initiatives and scale programs when appropriate.

Claims: Boost the efficiency of workflows throughout the entire lifecycle of claims and litigation events and identify risk-reduction and damage-control opportunities. Risk and claims solutions enable the easy entry, management, and escalation of claims and budgets; analysis of department-specific and enterprise-wide data; and mitigation of risks and prevention of future incidents.

Patient Relations: Streamline management of patient and visitor feedback, identifying opportunities to improve patient satisfaction and service recovery. This solution can help transform patient satisfaction at your hospital by minimizing time managing patient feedback, and streamlining reporting and investigation processes.

These solutions are key components of VigiLanz’s award-winning clinical surveillance platform that enables a “whole-hospital” view of data analysis, helping systems to make smarter business decisions and to optimize care.

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