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Choosing a Healthcare Software Solution

Hospitals are relying on healthcare software solutions now more than ever to manage their resources effectively, provide optimal care to patients, and support staff when possible. However, it is important when hospitals are seeking out a solution that they choose one that can deliver on the promise healthcare software solutions can bring, and not one that will increase workloads for hospital staff.

Features these solutions should have include:

  • Integration: The system should integrate with your EMR systems, and it should be able to leverage multiple types of data—including patient demographics, medication orders, pharmacy orders, and lab results.
  • Configurability: The system should adapt to your processes and workflows, providing customized forms and enabling automated notifications and communication processes that align with your desired workflows.
  • Security: The system should adhere to current industry security standards, including data encryption in transit and at rest, role-specific privileges, compliance with third-party security attestations, and providing security audit reports. It should also undergo vulnerability and penetration testing multiple times per year from a reputable outside firm.
  • Accessibility: The system should be accessible via approved mobile devices, and it should support mobile viewing without requiring an app download. That way, staff can easily document and review events when they are connected to the hospital network.
  • Training: The system’s training program should include live training and on-demand modules to ensure optimal use by existing staff and new staff.
  • Support: The system should provide a healthcare-experienced service and support team, including a main point of contact that rapidly responds to inquiries and requests. This contact should answer questions; assist with building custom forms, charts, and reports; and help explore additional capabilities when new needs arise.

At VigiLanz, we have ensured that our healthcare software solutions check these boxes with a platform that can provide meaningful data analysis across your entire hospital, helping you to make smarter business decisions and optimize care. Our platform includes solutions for pharmacy surveillance, infection prevention, antimicrobial stewardship, safety surveillance, and more.

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