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How to Set Up an Optimal Patient Safety Reporting System

A strong patient safety event reporting system can enable a hospital to identify and fill safety gaps to create a culture of safety. To help hospitals with this initiative, VigiLanz is proud to provide its Safety Surveillance software solution, an innovative, configurable platform for identifying, reporting, managing, and communicating safety events.

With VigiLanz’s patient safety reporting system, hospitals can rapidly identify and analyze enterprise-wide safety events, minimize time capturing and managing safety events, and promote a culture of safety. Additionally, features like auto-detection, enterprise-wide dashboards, reporter feedback, and auto-populated email and letter templates can further reduce adverse events.

Many of our hospital partners have capitalized on this solution, including Community Health Network (CHN). A large health system serving over 618,000 patients across 200 sites of care, CHN was looking for a tool that could support monitoring safety events and identifying improvement opportunities across its entire enterprise.

After implementing VigiLanz’s safety surveillance solution, CHN experienced a 16% increase in monthly average number of reported events compared to before, in addition to more intuitive and efficient workflows for staff.

VigiLanz features that the CHN team loved included:

  • Customizable forms, single sign-ons, mobile access, and mandatory fields that allowed for quick documentation
  • Analytics and investigative tools that helped staff obtain meaningful safety event insights
  • Customizable and automated email notifications and escalations that ensured events are properly reviewed and addressed
  • On-demand and live sessions that helped train new users

It is important for hospitals like CHN to access the tools they need to support safety initiatives, and we continue to add solutions to our platform to help hospitals achieve these goals. Not sure how to find the best patient safety reporting system for your organization? Check out our Buyer’s Guide to see the top qualities these systems should have.