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Why Hospitals Are Utilizing Infection Prevention Technologies

A recent survey of hospital leaders showed that reducing hospital-acquired infections and conditions is now a top improvement priority, so it’s no surprise that hospitals are turning to infection control surveillance solutions – which enable hospital staff to respond to infections in real time, optimize prevention strategies, and drive performance improvement. Here is why infection control solutions should be on your radar:

1. Hospital-acquired infections and conditions are the top safety problem. Hospitals leaders reported a 56% increase in hospital-acquired infections over the last 12 months. In addition, almost one-third are only somewhat or not at all confident that their hospital could respond to an infectious disease outbreak immediately.

2. Infection control solutions can help organizations respond more quickly to outbreaks, improving patient outcomes. Hospital leaders who have solutions that send real-time viral infection or disease outbreak alerts to appropriate staff are 15% more likely to be very or extremely confident that their organizations can respond quickly to an outbreak.

3. Hospitals that have already adopted these solutions see improved efficiencies. Capital Region Medical Center, which implemented VigiLanz’ infection prevention solution in 2017, found that the solution has saved their infection prevention and pharmacy teams time spent on manual data extraction and data submission.

How can your hospital enhance infection prevention strategies? Learn more about our clinical decision support system software and how VigiLanz can help today!