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Why Choose VigiLanz for Your Hospital’s Event Reporting Needs?

Detecting, reporting, and managing safety events in a healthcare setting should not be overly burdensome, and neither should finding an efficient software platform that streamlines the event reporting process for your hospital or healthcare facility. You need powerful tools that are customizable enough to help your medical teams concentrate on their main responsibility and specialty – providing high quality, safe care to patients. Without a modern healthcare incident reporting software solution, they could face a time consuming and ineffective process for capturing and analyzing important safety events that could improve the level of patient care at your institution.

Benefits of Our Healthcare Incident Management Software

A few of the benefits of using VigiLanz for incident reporting in healthcare settings include:

  • Manage all events from start to completion in a single centralized platform
  • Automatic detection and escalation of safety events
  • Quickly gather the correct information at the time of reporting through customizable data entry forms with auto-populating fields
  • Increase workflow efficiencies through automatic event routing as well as auto-populated email and letter templates
  • The ability for event reporters to track the status of their submitted events throughout the investigation process
  • User-friendly and customizable report generation
  • Real-time insights to monitor trends and launch improvement initiatives
  • Streamlined communication of safety event analysis and action plans

When it comes to incident reporting in hospitals, our safety surveillance software can help reduce the burden on your staff by making safety event reporting quick and easy. Less time spent manually tracking safety events means more time to focus on strategies that can drive real safety improvements and elevate the quality of patient care at your hospital. We’d love to show you more.

For more information about the capabilities of our safety surveillance software, call us at 855.525.9078, complete our contact form, or request a demo today.