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The Vigi Awards: Recognizing Users Who Are Transforming Their Health Systems


The Vigi Awards were established with two primary goals in mind: 1) to recognize our customers whose clever use of the VigiLanz platform has helped their health systems make more informed decisions that optimize patient care, and 2) to showcase those customers’ stories and best practices with other customers.

This year, ten winners were chosen between the categories of Infection Prevention and Pharmacy Surveillance, recognizing forward-thinking individuals or teams who:

  • Place patient care first
  • Think outside the box and use VigiLanz to solve a unique problem
  • Leverage VigiLanz for cross-departmental initiatives

Each Vigi Award winner was recognized with a $1,000 donation to a charity of their choice.

Adventist Health System

Bringing 21 Hospitals to National Standards–and Reducing Annual Antibiotic Costs by $500K

After significantly improving the use of VigiLanz with rule refinement at Adventist Health + Rideout, Brock Taylor, PharmD, led the charge in expanding VigiLanz to an additional 19 hospitals in the Adventist Health System.

Following the platform’s introduction, the system saw significant outcomes in the areas of antibiotic utilization, infection prevention and cost savings.

“[Prior to Taylor’s efforts,] antibiotic use was in the top quartile of all hospitals. Implementation of 3-day and 7-day ‘timeout’ reviews—identification of mismatched antibiotics to cultures—the focus on use of Zosyn in non-pseudomonas infections reduced annual antibiotic expenses by $500,000. The hospital is now meeting national standards of antibiotic utilization.” – Jerry Gonzales, PharmD | Director of Pharmacy at Adventist Health + Rideout

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Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

From Inconsistent to Cost-Cutting: De-escalating Antibiotics and Validating Patient Safety

Following patient safety concerns regarding how positive cultures were handled after patient discharge, Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital formed a cross-departmental initiative to better communicate these results to both patient and provider.

Using VigiLanz’s microbiology reporting capabilities, the team developed an Inpatient Positive Cultures Report, which allowed the Infection Control Practitioner and Director of Infectious Disease to monitor culture collection dates, discharge dates, sensitivity results and physician information. After months of closely monitoring the Inpatient Positive Cultures Reports, the team was able to validate the hospital’s EMR to automate all communications for physicians, enabling them to ensure appropriate treatment.

“The speed and knowledge of VigiLanz report creation and customer support allowed us to make rapid improvements in our patient safety.” – Lindsey Brucchaus, MSN, RN, CPHQ | Infection Control Practitioner, Houston Methodist The Woodlands

As a result of the team’s work, the hospital has cut costs by de-escalating antibiotics and automating the microbiology follow-up process, and met targets for length of stay, all while validating and ensuring patient safety. Since introducing the initiative throughout the entire system, Houston Methodist has seen positive outcomes in the communities that their seven hospitals serve.

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