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The State of Patient Safety and Why Hospitals are Turning to Patient Case Management Software

The hospital safety landscape has changed dramatically in the last two years, especially as hospitals deal with the pandemic and its lasting impact. As a result, there have been many lessons learned, and a greater interest in patient case management software to improve patient safety.

To learn more about these shifts, VigiLanz released the fourth annual Hospital Patient Safety Report, based on a survey of 100 hospital executives and clinical leaders. Below are answers to top questions regarding hospital safety:

How do hospital leaders feel they are doing in terms of improving patient safety?

While many (89%) hospital leaders report that the pandemic exposed safety vulnerabilities within their hospital, around one-third believe they have not done enough to address those vulnerabilities.

The good news is that 78% of hospital leaders say that the pandemic has led to initiatives that have improved patient safety, and 71% say it has made improving patient safety a higher priority. This shift has accelerated interest in patient case management software to better manage safety issues.

What patient safety challenges are hospitals currently facing?

The biggest safety problem hospitals are facing is hospital acquired infections (44% of responses). Additionally, only 58% of hospital executives and clinical leaders say most hospitals have made meaningful, long-term improvements to address pandemic-exposed infection prevention vulnerabilities. Among pharmacy-related challenges, top challenges include medication errors, drug shortages, and antimicrobial stewardship.

What do hospitals think of patient case management software?

Hospitals see the value in patient case management software to target specific safety challenges. When asked in what instances would a clinical surveillance solution be most helpful, respondents answered:

  • Identifying antibiotic overuse (92%)
  • Identifying and managing safety events (81%)
  • Identifying medication errors (81%)
  • Identifying potential infections and outbreaks sooner (81%)

In addition, 92% said clinical surveillance software was helpful in enhancing their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patient case management software is becoming an essential tool for hospitals as they manage safety challenges and seek to enhance safety for patients, staff, and visitors. Check out our patient case management software to learn more about tools available for your hospital!