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Risk Management Software for Healthcare

Risk management is an important part of every hospital’s safety strategy. Risk and claims solutions, which manage the entire lifecycle of claims and litigation events, can decrease enterprise legal claims, reduce damages paid, and streamline workflows. At VigiLanz, risk management plays hand-in-hand with the other solutions in our Dynamic Safety Surveillance platform to support safety event reporting, including VigiLanz Compliance and VigiLanz Patient Relations.

Benefits of a strong safety event reporting system

An effective incident reporting system in hospitals can decrease a hospital’s risks with the following abilities:

  • Rapidly identifies and analyzes enterprise-wide safety events
  • Minimizes time capturing and managing safety events
  • Promotes a culture of safety while reducing adverse events

VigiLanz accomplishes these through automated, real-time identification of safety events, enterprise-level dashboards, reporter feedback, and auto-populated email and letter templates.

One customer’s experience

Community Health Network (CHN), a large health system in Indiana, decided to utilize VigiLanz for their efficient and intuitive event reporting workflows and analytics tools. CHN formed a team of risk management, patient experience, claims, peer review, and IT leadership that worked closely with VigiLanz to set up the most effective process to benefit the entire enterprise. The CHN risk management department now uses the system to coordinate appropriate involvement of expert individuals to identify, assess, track, and trend issues impacting caregiver and patient safety.

Want to learn more about risk management software for healthcare? Check out the VigiLanz Risk and Claims solution, or contact us today to learn more!