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Why most hospitals could save millions by improving patient safety

by Erik Johnson, VigiLanz CCO

Improving patient safety and increasing the bottom line aren’t competing priorities. Here’s how hospitals can accomplish both objectives.

The first wave of Covid-19 may have subsided in some areas of the country, but in others it is growing and hospitals everywhere are continuing to face significant challenges.

The American Hospital Association recently estimated that hospitals will incur at least $323.1 billion in losses through the end of this year due to Covid-19. Key contributors include postponed and canceled elective procedures, lower patient volumes across all departments, and higher costs for supplies and devices.

Other factors compound the financial challenges, including pressure for hospitals to implement new initiatives that foster a safer care environment for Covid-19 patients, non-Covid-19 patients, and healthcare providers. This pressure is mounting, as spikes in cases continue to appear in various regions, and as concerns grow about the flu season.

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