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VigiLanz Launches New Software for Hospitals to Rapidly Deploy and Manage COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Events for Healthcare Workers

VigiLanz Vaccinate helps hospitals manage their COVID-19 risk, reduce vaccine waste, and automate data collection for CDC and state reporting

MINNEAPOLIS – Dec. 16, 2020 – VigiLanz, a clinical surveillance company, today announced the launch of a new mass vaccination support software, built on its leading enterprise software platform. VigiLanz Vaccinate provides end-to-end management of the entire vaccination process, enabling hospitals to maximize the success of mass vaccination events for healthcare workers. Especially critical now, as hospitals seek to protect staff members and patients from COVID-19 transmission, VigiLanz Vaccinate can also be used to manage annual influenza vaccination and other events. Current customers are being given priority access to the software, at no cost.

“It’s critical for hospitals to rapidly roll out the COVID-19 vaccine to staff—not only to keep frontline healthcare workers safe, but also to protect their families and the patients they work with until the vaccine is available to everyone,” said Stacy Pur, VigiLanz’s VP of Product Development. “The COVID-19 vaccine presents some unique challenges for mass vaccination events, as it expires quickly once thawed and requires two doses spaced at specific intervals. VigiLanz Vaccinate was designed to help manage this process, ensuring the maximum number of staff receive the vaccine as efficiently as possible.”

VigiLanz Vaccinate streamlines vaccine administration and management by making it easy for staff to register and provide consent, while automating workflows for program administrators. Its real-time insights into volume needs reduce vaccine waste, while analytics give visibility into vaccination and immunity rates at the individual, department, hospital, and system-level. The software issues automated reminders to healthcare staff to register and attend appointments for both vaccine doses, and report any side effects. In addition, it collates data for critical reporting back to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and the state, for immunity rates and any adverse side effects.

“The COVID-19 issue is personal—at VigiLanz, we have had employees and family members contract COVID-19 and require medical intervention,” said David Goldsteen, VigiLanz’s CEO. “We are so grateful for the amazing care healthcare teams are delivering across the country, and we wanted to do something to help. We’re proud of this demonstration of innovation and agility from our product team. When the pandemic hit, we created COVID Quick Start, a software module to help hospitals quickly implement a COVID-19 infection prevention solution. Now, with VigiLanz Vaccinate, we’ve rapidly developed and deployed an offering that our team saw a critical need for—helping frontline healthcare workers get vaccinated against COVID-19 as quickly and efficiently as possible. It was important to us to offer this tool to current customers for free to help them and their frontline healthcare teams stay safe during this extremely challenging global pandemic. It’s the right thing to do.”

VigiLanz is prioritizing current customer implementations to ensure their needs are met, with plans to accept future-customer inquiries as early as January 2021. Please direct requests to, and learn more at




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