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VigiLanz Announces Winners of 2022 Vigi Awards

Award winners recognized for optimal and innovative use of clinical surveillance to support and improve patient care

MINNEAPOLIS – Aug. 15, 2022 –VigiLanz, a clinical surveillance company, today announced the winners of the annual Vigi Awards, which honor innovative hospitals throughout the United States.

The Vigi Awards recognize how hospitals have used clinical surveillance to enhance patient safety. The award winners are selected by VigiLanz based on nominations of individuals and teams submitted by VigiLanz customers. All award winners receive a donation to a charity of their choice.

“We are incredibly proud of this year’s Vigi Award winners, and it is our honor to recognize them for their amazing accomplishments and achievements,” said David Goldsteen, MD, VigiLanz CEO. “Demonstrated improvements in patient safety, outcomes, and cost savings matter to us all and it is our privilege to be able to partner with some of our country’s finest hospitals and health systems to improve lives.”

This year’s winners:

Infection Preventionist of the Year:

Adriana Jimenez, PhD, Infection Prevention Manager  – Jackson Health System, Florida
Recognized for using VigiLanz to track isolation and HAI activations, develop device and analysis reports, and customize real-time alerts.

Pharmacy Team of the Year:

Pharmacy Team – Freeman Health System, Missouri
Recognized for using VigiLanz to:

  • Build rules to quickly identify patients discharged with a new cardiology medication so that residents could provide appropriate medication education.
  • Create data mining searches to capture MRSA screens and culture results to validate discontinuation of vancomycin.
  • Identify patients with positive MRSA nasal screens that would benefit from mupirocin.

Safety Team of the Year:

Safety Team – Christus Health, Texas
Recognized for using VigiLanz to improve quality of medication error reports, enable error reporting standardization, and aid in the creation of meaningful action plans.

Rising Star (tie):

Pharmacy Team – Benefis Health System, Montana
Recognized for the development of VigiLanz rules to quickly identify the most severe patients that would likely benefit from a thorough comprehensive medical review, saving staff time.

Rising Star (tie):

Dechen Lama, IT Systems Administrator – Mount Sinai Health System, New York
Recognized for putting infection prevention ideas into action, including quickly creating new rules to identify and isolate COVID-19 and monkeypox patients and enable timely care.

5-Star Patient Care:

Pharmacy and Microbial Stewardship Team – Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital, Texas
Recognized for using rule-based alerts in conjunction with a pharmacist-driven MRSA protocol to provide timely de-escalation of antibiotics.


Stewardship Team – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Ohio
Recognized for enhancing long term health outcomes by using data collected by VigiLanz to identify pediatric patients allergic to Penicillin that may no longer be allergic and would benefit from allergy testing.

They Did What? Wow!:

Laura StinesInfection Prevention Data Analyst – Cone Health System, North Carolina
Recognized for using VigiLanz to automatically populate HAI dashboards, providing more data to drive decision making and analyze trends, and reducing risk of manual entry errors.

Great Catch!:

Continental Division – HCA Healthcare, Colorado
Recognized for using data captured by VigiLanz to investigate care patterns, enable investigations, and catch drug diversions to advance patient safety.

“VigiLanz allows a much more streamlined approach to medication compliance compared to pulling the data from the electronic health record directly. The way VigiLanz collates the information into workable documents means we can also create visual aids, such as graphs and tables, to demonstrate trends or data,” said Holly Monatt, Vice President of Pharmacy Services at HCA Healthcare Continental Division. “The time we spend interpreting and reviewing data is so much more meaningful because of the efficiencies VigiLanz provides us for actual data gathering.”

For more information on the Vigi Awards and award winners, please visit the VigiLanz website.



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