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Second wave preparedness: Infection preventionists and pharmacy leaders discuss safety & COVID-19

The first wave of COVID-19, and the significant challenges it raised for hospitals, underscored the highly critical role that pharmacists, infection preventionists, and antimicrobial stewardship teams play in keeping patients, staff, and visitors safe.

During this panel discussion, infection prevention and pharmacy leaders from hospitals across the country shared some of the biggest challenges they encountered during the first wave of COVID-19, how they used clinical surveillance to enhance patient care, and the lessons they learned. They also shared how their organizations are preparing for a second wave of COVID-19, and the initiatives they are implementing now to ensure safer care.

During this live panel discussion, pharmacists and infection preventionists describe: 

  • The challenges they faced during the first wave of COVID-19 and how they addressed them
  • The role that clinical surveillance played in enhancing patient care
  • How they are preparing for a potential second wave of COVID-19
  • Their top recommendations for other pharmacists and infection preventionists