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New Report Looks at the Future of Patient Safety

By Matt Phillion

A new report from Sage Growth Partners LLCLeading Through Change: Because Patients Deserve More, pulls together insights from industry leaders in hospitals, health systems, non-profit organizations, and technology companies to offer perspectives on patient safety challenges, improvement opportunities, and ways healthcare organizations can advance positive change.

“Nationally, we believe wonderful changes can come from the safety community,” says Hayley Burgess, PharmD, MBA, BCPP, CPPS, one of the experts featured in the report and chief operating and chief clinical officer for VigiLanz, a clinical surveillance company. “We’re aware of the need to improve patient safety, and we’re making that a priority. Those of us who have been health system leaders know this intimately because we know the struggles that hospitals and ambulatory care settings have in protecting the patient, understanding clinical outcomes and safety event data, and collecting that data in a valuable way.”

Contributors to the report offer the evidence and science behind these factors to back up these concerns—none of which are new, Burgess notes. Initiatives launched 15 or 20 years ago to address patient safety and the “chasm of care” have led to incremental improvements in areas such as healthcare-associated infections, medication management, pressure ulcers, and falls—the common events patient safety professionals know so well.

“Healthcare leaders know what the best practices are and an opportunity still exists in the execution of those best practices,” Burgess says.

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