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VigiLanz Launches Intelligent Event Reporting Suite, Expands #1 Rated Clinical Surveillance Platform Impacting Patient Safety, Risk, Compliance, and Patient Relations

Automated event detection, expedited documentation, and enterprise-wide visibility help hospitals and health systems improve safety and reduce risks

MINNEAPOLIS, April 7, 2021VigiLanz, a clinical surveillance company, today announced the launch of three new event reporting solutions built on VigiLanz’s award-winning enterprise software platform. The new solutions, VigiLanz Risk and Claims, VigiLanz Compliance, and VigiLanz Patient Relations, complement VigiLanz’s existing Dynamic Safety Surveillance product to expand the platform’s benefits and improve hospitals’ bottom line by enabling them to quickly capture, monitor, and act on information, enhancing patient safety and reducing organizational risk.

Recently recognized as Best in KLAS for Infection Control and Monitoring and Pharmacy Surveillance, VigiLanz applied its more than 20 years of complex, clinical data experience to create and integrate the new solutions, which help hospitals harness their own data to make safety improvements and reduce risks. Key capabilities include automated event capture; expedited documentation through form autopopulation; and enhanced visibility into events and improvement opportunities through deep integration that results in data-rich enterprise dashboards.

“In order for hospitals to foster an overarching culture of safety, risk mitigation must be addressed for patients, visitors, and employees,” said Stacy Pur, VigiLanz’s VP of Product Development. “These solutions create a canopy of protection for hospitals and their patients. This allows a system-wide approach to reducing risks and improving patient satisfaction, while also saving time. Enhanced visibility, highly targeted notifications, expedited documentation, and easy escalation processes are just a few of the benefits hospitals will experience.”

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About the solutions:

VigiLanz Dynamic Safety Surveillance
VigiLanz optimizes safety event reporting through real-time alerts, auto-detection of events, comprehensive management and investigation tools, automated escalation, and a full library of analytics and reporting capabilities.

VigiLanz Risk and Claims
VigiLanz streamlines workflows throughout the entire lifecycle of claims and litigation events and identifies risk-reduction and damage-control opportunities. Key benefits include the ability to easily enter, manage, and escalate claims and budgets; analyze department-specific and enterprise-wide data; and continuously improve by mitigating risks and preventing future incidents.

VigiLanz Compliance
VigiLanz helps prevent, detect, and resolve illegal or unethical conduct and promotes a culture of ethical practice. Features include automated violation notifications, comprehensive management and escalation tools, and department-specific and enterprise-wide reports and analytics.

VigiLanz Patient Relations
VigiLanz streamlines the management of patient and visitor feedback, identifies patient satisfaction improvement and service recovery opportunities, and optimizes value-based reimbursement through simplified workflows, escalation tools, and enterprise-wide reporting.

“The event reporting solutions could not have been launched at a better time, as hospitals are working tirelessly to improve care during the COVID-19 pandemic and implement lessons learned from it,” said David Goldsteen, VigiLanz’s CEO. “We’re proud of our ability to continually raise the bar for clinical surveillance, and put it into the hands of more healthcare workers. We’re supporting more efficient workflows and maximizing their resources, while also helping them improve care and reduce risks.”

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VigiLanz earned Best in KLAS in the “2021 Best in KLAS: Software and Services” report, released February 2, 2021. Over the past four years, VigiLanz has earned 10 KLAS awards for its solutions.

About VigiLanz

Founded in 2001, VigiLanz ( is a privately held, rapidly growing provider of SaaS-based clinical surveillance solutions. The firm is focused on aggregating disparate EHR transactional workflow and documentation data across health systems to identify real-time clinical issues that avoid or minimize harm, optimize clinical outcomes and support preventive care. VigiLanz supports a large and growing community of hospital CMOs, CMIOs, CIOs, quality and safety teams, infectious disease and control specialists, pharmacists, and other clinicians dedicated to real-time inpatient and outpatient care.