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How COVID-19 Is Changing Patients’ Hospital Safety Perceptions

Nearly 40% of consumers say COVID-19 has negatively changed their perception of hospital safety, and more than one-third (34%) say they would not feel confident going to a hospital for care if they or a family member had COVID-19.

That’s according to an April 2020 survey of 744 consumers by Sage Growth Partners and Black Book Market Research.

“COVID-19 will have an enduring impact not only on how care is delivered in the United States, but on how patients approach healthcare,” said David Goldsteen, MD, a former emergency physician and VigiLanz’s CEO.

A recent survey of 100 hospital leaders reveals that hospitals are making some patient safety improvements, but there’s still a long way to go.
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“While respect for healthcare providers is at an all-time high, many consumers fear that hospitals don’t have the resources necessary to provide high-quality care amidst the pandemic. Over the next few months, hospitals will need to move quickly to prepare for another potential surge and to rebuild consumer trust.”