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Hospital Patient Safety Report 2022


The Hospital Patient Safety Report, released each year since 2019, serves as a barometer of safety performance within U.S. hospitals. Based on an annual survey of hospital executives and clinical leaders, the report reveals how safety challenges, initiatives, and priorities are evolving.

This year’s report also explores both how and how much the hospital safety landscape has changed two years into the COVID-19 pandemic. The short answer? A great deal, according to respondents.

Download to learn more about what’s changing, and how these changes are affecting patient, staff, and visitor safety—as well safety within key departments such as infection prevention, pharmacy, and antimicrobial stewardship.

Key Findings Spotlight

While patient, staff, and visitor safety have all taken a significant hit over the past two years, the survey reveals that hospital executives remain committed to advancing safety improvements within their organizations, with about three-quarters saying the pandemic has made improving patient, staff, and visitor safety a higher priority. In addition, about the same percentage of executives say the crisis has spurred critical improvement initiatives in all three of these areas.


Download to see other key findings, including:

  • Whether hospital executives believe their organization has done enough to address pandemic-exposed safety problems
  • How they say staff burnout and shortages have impacted patient safety and patient deaths
  • How they say the rate of hospital-acquired infections and medication errors has changed over the past 12 months