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Economic Value Tool – Calculate Your Savings

Healthier Patients, Healthier Bottom Line

Calculate Your Savings
See how your hospital or health system could be using VigiLanz to save millions by optimizing efficiency and improving patient safety.

VigiLanz leads to savings throughout your health system—from the pharmacy department, to infection prevention, to overall quality and safety.

We’ve designed this calculator to provide insight into VigiLanz’s high economic impact. VigiLanz improves workflow and staffing efficiency, reduces and prevents costly safety errors and adverse events, and identifies cost-savings opportunities such as IV to PO conversions.

The tool starts with national benchmark data, but allows you to enter your own organization’s information for a more customized analysis. See your hospital’s potential savings in key areas, plus, receive a full report to see hospital-wide savings and a detailed description of the key savings drivers and methodology.