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Updated April 7, 2020

Hospitals across the country are reaching out to us with requests for clinical surveillance support related to COVID-19. We’re responding by creating new rules, alerts, and reports on an almost daily basis.

To ensure you are aware of these resources available to you, we’ve assembled the two below lists:

  • List 1 is a compilation of the rules, alerts, and reports that are currently available.
  • List 2 is a compilation of the rules, alerts, and reports that are available to your hospital by request. These have been implemented at other hospitals based on their unique needs and challenges.

We update these lists regularly by posting the newest rules at the top.

List 1: Rules, alerts, and reports currently available

Infection prevention:

  • Syndromic screening for COVID-like illnesses (monitoring of vitals, imaging, and notes to identify possible patients who have not tested positive, yet need to be isolated)
  • Alerts for all who have testing ordered, as well as patients who have tested positive and negative
  • Alerts to identify patients who are at high risk and alerts to identify disease clusters
  • Rules and alerts to identify patients missed through all other means of screening and identification, i.e. leveraging ICD-10 billing codes specific to COVID-19
  • Reports to gauge the COVID-19 burden on the hospital (including data on admissions, testing, ICU utilization, ventilator utilization, and medication utilization)
  • Tools to work up employee exposures, furlough needs, testing, and disease acquisition
  • Tools that streamline reporting to public health partners. NHSN recently introduced a COVID-19 Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity Module within its Patient Safety Component. We are developing an on-demand report that includes the requested information, such as daily counts of confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients and use and availability of beds and ventilators.

Pharmacy surveillance:

  • *NEW* Customer webinars:
    • Pharmacy Module: COVID-19 Rules and Report
      Thursday, April 9, 2020
      2:00PM- 2:20 PM CTThis webcast presentation will review potential rules around COVID-19 and a new Ad Hoc report built to identify COVID-19 patients. Register here.
    • Pharmacy Module: Managing Drug Shortages
      Tuesday, April 14th, 2020
      10:30AM-11:00 AM CTThis webcast will present all the tools within VigiLanz to effectively to manage a drug shortage. Register here.
  • Alerts when specific medications are ordered to help limit their use (and ensure the proactive identification of patients on medications that may be in short supply due to COVID-19)
  • Alerts when patients on medications that are in short supply could be switched to alternative therapies
  • Real-time reports that identify patients with active orders for particular drugs
  • Immediate notification to staff related to drug shortages and the process for handling certain drugs by using the Client Communication Tool on the VigiLanz home/landing page

In addition, we’ve created a new COVID-19 Testing Results report that can help all of your hospital’s relevant healthcare providers better care for COVID-19 patients. This report compiles all patients with a COVID-19 order, positive/negative lab result, or positive microbiology report. In addition, it includes patient demographics, clinical parameters like temperature, SpO2, FiO2, medications, and discharge disposition. As with all of our reports, it can be exported to Excel after it’s generated.

List 2: COVID-19 rules, alerts, and reports available by request

Please note – these can be enabled based on your individual needs, and on the data feeds that are available at your site. Please submit an IssueTrak ticket for customized support.

Infection prevention:

  • Alerts when COVID-19 patients are readmitted
  • Alerts when patients have been discharged but test positive
  • Alerts when COVID-19 patients are discharged
  • Line list reports
  • Vented patient reports
  • COVID-19 patients that need ventilators reports
  • Expired COVID-19 patients reports
  • Total positives over time reports
  • Identify inpatients who are being prescribed inhalers but who are not under isolation

Pharmacy surveillance:

  • COVID-19 treatment ordered: remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, darunavir, lopinavir, tocilizumab
  • Inhalers ordered for patients not on isolation
  • Nebulized meds ordered for COVID-19-positive patients
  • Prolonged QTc with hydroxychloroquine +/- azithromycin
  • Missing baseline QTc with hydroxychloroquine
  • Reports for a daily review of meds to minimize the number of admins/day (minimize PPE consumption)
  • Support daily medication reviews by pharmacists to minimize the number of required clinician contacts with suspected or known positive COVID-19 patients