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Pharmacy Data Analytics: How They Can Help Your Hospital

Hospitals have identified medication errors as a top safety problem, with only 42% of respondents in a survey of 100 hospital leaders saying their pharmacy surveillance efforts are very effective. However, reducing medication errors and antibiotic overuse/misuse only rank fifth and sixth in hospitals’ safety priorities.

With VigiLanz’ 5-time Best in KLAS medication management software, hospitals can easily receive the pharmacy data analytics they need to anticipate, prevent, and respond to adverse drug events while experiencing the following benefits:

Maximized efficiency:

  • Rapidly evaluate patients of interest with efficient rounding tools
  • Easily manage alerts in real-time
  • Dramatically reduce manual chart review

Standardized protocols:

  • Enhance compliance with standards of practice
  • Automate drug oversight with customized alerts and usage reports
  • Receive protocol-based dose adjustment recommendations

Improved medication safety:

  • Reduce ADEs with real-time alerts
  • Manage medication dosing
  • Optimize high-risk medication use

Enhanced pharmacy data analytics and reporting:

  • Access up-to-date reports and analytics at any time
  • Automate required reporting to NHSN
  • Enhance visibility with an enterprise-wide dashboard

Lower costs:

  • Identify cost-savings opportunities
  • Manage high-cost drug use
  • Understand usage patterns by location, provider, and service

By using pharmacy data analytics from VigiLanz’ medication management software, Freeman Health System saved an estimated $4.7M in medication error avoidance over an 18-month period.

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