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How VigiLanz Supports Hospital Pharmacy Surveillance Challenges

Medication errors are a top safety concern in hospitals. However, hospital pharmacy surveillance is underutilized. While 81% of hospital leaders say clinical surveillance helps identify medication errors, only a little over a quarter currently use it. That’s why at VigiLanz, we’re proud to offer our 5-time Best in KLAS hospital pharmacy software to help staff anticipate, prevent, and respond to adverse drug events and enhance patient safety.

Here are a couple of ways hospitals have leveraged VigiLanz’ suite of patient safety solutions to improve pharmacy surveillance:

Freeman Health System

Freeman Health System, which is located in Missouri and serves over 450,000 people, sought to make medication reconciliation processes less cumbersome and time consuming for its nursing staff. After implementing VigiLanz’s pharmacy workflow solutions, Freeman estimates it has not only prevented nearly 30 potential major adverse drug events and 11,000 minor adverse events over the course of a year but also saved $700,000 in monthly costs.

Northern Arizona Healthcare

Northern Arizona Healthcare, which serves over 700,000 people including the Navajo Nation community, was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to setting up real-time alerts to help with infection prevention efforts, Northern Arizona also set up alerts for medication optimization, prevention of adverse drug events, and mitigation of drug shortages to ensure patients were getting the care they need.

Below are some additional resources on hospital pharmacy surveillance and how VigiLanz solutions successfully streamline workflows, cut costs, and improve care.