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How to Optimize Patient Safety Event Reporting

Patient safety event reporting enables hospitals to efficiently track and analyze safety events and take steps to reduce them in the future. By having safety event reporting systems in place, hospitals can also create a culture of continuous safety improvement by helping staff and clinicians identify safety gaps.

However, some hospitals face barriers in safety event detection and management; read on to see what strategies your hospital should implement to avoid these barriers and for a strong patient safety event reporting system:

Integration, Implementation, and Training

A hospital’s safety event reporting system should never become a burden for employees or IT staff. Seamless integration, easy implementation, comprehensive training, and timely support are key.

Automated Event Detection

Automated event detection reduces the likelihood of a missed safety event, ensures a faster response, and decreases time spent entering data.

Event Reporting

Customizable reporting forms, pre-populated data, and intelligent fields minimize time spent capturing events and enhance reporting accuracy.

Event Communication

Strong safety event communication ensures gaps are identified and addressed as quickly as possible—and that no information slips through the cracks.

Event Analysis and Investigation

In order to foster continuous safety improvements, the system should make it easy to analyze and investigate safety event data.

Scalability and Collaboration

The most effective safety event systems work with hospitals as an extension of their clinical teams—adapting to meet expanding needs, delivering on new initiatives, and helping instill a culture of continuous improvement.

Hospitals that utilize patient safety event reporting solutions with all six of these features can enable better identification, reporting, management, and communication of patient safety events, resulting in a stronger culture of safety. To learn more about how your hospital can implement these features, check out our safety event reporting Buyer’s Guide.