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How Hospitals are Using Clinical Surveillance Platforms to Improve Patient Safety

Clinical intelligence provided by clinical surveillance platforms is an essential tool in hospitals’ toolboxes to improve patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, and workflow efficiency. But don’t take it from us – hospitals around the country are seeing the benefits of implementing our clinical surveillance platform across their patient safety initiatives.

Our latest Vigi Award winners, a group of nine individuals and teams recognized for using clinical intelligence from VigiLanz in creative ways to improve patient safety, is a testament to the power of clinical surveillance platforms. Read on to hear more about some of the creative uses:

Pharmacy Surveillance:

1. Quickly identifying patients in need of new medications or eligible for medication discontinuation using VigiLanz alerts – Freeman Health Pharmacy Team

2. Contributing to the quick identification of patients most in need of a comprehensive medical review through custom VigiLanz rules and reports – Benefits Health System Pharmacy Team

3. Using VigiLanz rule-based alerts to help appropriately decrease use of antibiotics for patients with MRSA pneumonia – Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital Pharmacy and Antimicrobial Stewardship Team

4. Identifying pediatric patients using VigiLanz who may no longer be allergic to Penicillin and could benefit from it – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Stewardship Team

Infection Prevention:

1. Being an outstanding leader in the field of infection prevention and spearheading multiple product improvements, alerts, customized reports and activations – Adriana Jimenez, PhD, Infection Prevention Manager at Jackson Health System

2. Expertly putting clinical surveillance ideas into action to help her teams maximize their use of VigiLanz – Dechen Lama, IT Systems Administrator, Mount Sinai Health System

3. Creating novel dashboards and worksheets using VigiLanz to inform HAI prevention efforts – Laura Stines, Infection Prevention Data Analyst, Cone Health System

Safety Surveillance:

1. Enhancing error reporting processes and improving quality of reports using VigiLanz medication error reporting tools. – CHRISTUS Health Safety Team

2. Detecting instances of drug diversions and conducting data-driven investigations to monitor care using data provided by VigiLanz – HCA Healthcare Continental Division

Want to learn more about how VigiLanz’s clinical surveillance platform can provide clinical intelligence and support your hospital? Contact us today to learn more.