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How Hospital Management Software Can Enhance Your Bottom Line

Hospital management software can help hospitals enhance patient outcomes while boosting operational efficiencies. VigiLanz’ award-winning platform accomplishes both goals through clinical surveillance, safety, quality, and risk solutions. However, the benefits don’t end there – our hospital management software can also have a positive impact on margins.

An economic value assessment of our platform shows that hospitals can save millions by using VigiLanz. To see how much an individual hospital can save, we created an economic value calculator that provides a customized analysis with only a few data points – annual inpatient admissions, number of staffed beds, and daily census.

The calculator breaks out the positive economic impact of a hospital management system into three key areas:

  • Cost savings: This includes faster, more proactive identification of opportunities to cut costs, such as IV to PO conversions, and more optimal management of high-cost drugs.
  • Cost avoidance: This includes the reduction of costly events such as hospital-acquired infections or conditions, acute kidney injuries due to antibiotic use, and adverse drug events, readmissions, and return visits to the emergency department.
  • Returned resources: This includes the value of time saved by transitioning from manual to automated workflows.

Reducing financial strain is especially important as hospitals continue to see skyrocketing expenses and declining revenues. A hospital management system offers a path toward improved margins, while also producing greater efficiencies and improved patient outcomes.

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