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Improve Outpatient Safety at Your Facilities

Prevent harm and enhance care with our innovative event reporting technology.

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The Challenge

Are You Underestimating the Impact of Adverse Events?

Harm from unsafe care occurs in all healthcare settings and affects all patients, including those in outpatient clinics. Preventable adverse events can cause unnecessary damage to a patient’s physical, mental, and financial health – and because studies show that only 10 to 20 percent of safety events are ever reported, many healthcare organizations today are significantly underestimating their impact.

So what can healthcare leaders do to address safety issues and improve care? The good news is an effective safety event reporting system can help.

Our Solution

Get Ahead of Harm with VigiLanz Safety Management

By providing a structured and systematic approach to documenting and analyzing safety incidents, VigiLanz Safety Management helps outpatient facilities identify and manage adverse events, near misses, and other safety incidents that occur during the patient experience.

These critical insights can help outpatient facilities tackle their biggest patient safety issues to minimize the risk of adverse events and elevate the quality of patient care. Explore how VigiLanz can support your clinic’s patient safety initiatives.

Simplify the event reporting process.

Our user-friendly interface enables clinicians to report safety incidents quickly and efficiently, ensuring that all incidents are documented and addressed in a timely manner.

Empower data-driven decision making.

Uncover improvement opportunities with powerful analysis tools that get to the bottom of why adverse events occurred, so that you can put better strategies in place to prevent similar events from happening again.

Contribute to an improved culture of safety.

By encouraging transparent communication about safety concerns, healthcare leaders can create an environment where every member of the team feels empowered to identify and reduce risks, prevent errors, and promote high-quality care.

Improve Safety With Our Clinical Experts At Your Side

Learn how our patient safety reporting solution can improve patient, staff, and visitor safety.

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Discover the Capabilities that Set Us Apart

From streamlined forms to robust reports, our safety software empowers your team to make informed decisions to reduce risk and improve quality of care.

Seamless EHR Integration

Our software integrates with your existing systems to provide comprehensive, data-driven insights.

User-Friendly Interface

Report safety events quickly and easily with features like auto-populating form fields and email templates, as well as automatic routing to investigators.

Closed-Loop Communication

No more wondering whether a reported event is being investigated – users who submit events get visibility into the full life-cycle of the investigation.

Advanced Customization

We can tailor our solution to your facility’s specific needs, so that you can focus on the information that’s most important to you.

Automatic Event Detection

Our tool has the ability to automatically detect potential safety events that may otherwise have gone unnoticed and unreported.

Robust Analytics

Get tailored executive overviews at system-wide or location-specific levels.

In-Depth Cause Analysis

Understand root causes of harm with tools like root cause analysis, cause mapping, event timelines, solution maps, fishbone diagrams, the five whys, and more.

Unmatched Peer-to-Peer Support

Our clinical experts will partner with you to customize and optimize your data, rules, reports, and analytics every step of the way.

Watch a Demo

See VigiLanz in Action

Our innovative patient safety reporting system makes it easy for your team to detect, manage, and report on patient safety events – helping you identify opportunities to reduce risk and improve overall safety.

Watch this short video and get a glimpse of the power of our safety surveillance software that can be utilized in both acute and ambulatory settings.


Get the Latest Industry Insights

Learn more about the current state of patient safety and the many ways that VigiLanz can help your organization get ahead of harm.

Improving Safety: A Q&A with Dr. David Westfall Bates

Dr. David Bates, principal investigator of the SafeCare study, discusses the current state of patient safety, the findings of his landmark study, and the steps leaders can take now to improve care.

Download The Q&A

Community Health Network Uses VigiLanz to Improve Safety Event Reporting

Learn how one innovative health system increased its reported events and operationalized best practices in reporting, data collection, and collaboration across multidisciplinary teams after transitioning to VigiLanz.

Download The Case Study

A Hospital’s Guide to Automated Event Detection

The key to improving safety lies not only in what you know is happening, but in what you don’t know. Learn how VigiLanz can automatically identify safety incidents to enhance event reporting and harm prevention at your health system.

Download The White Paper

A Partnership You Can Trust

Our Commitment to Safety

Our solutions were created by clinicians, for clinicians – and we work hard everyday to build technology that can help your facilities improve patient safety.

Hear from our clinical experts as they explain how partnering with VigiLanz can help you change the culture around reporting mistakes, so that you can better understand the true state of safety inside your facilities and proactively prevent harm to make a difference in patient care.

Go Beyond Good Enough

With VigiLanz at your fingertips, you’re able to provide the best care to patients who need it most. Connect with our team of clinical experts to learn how we can help you move the needle on patient safety today.

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